Why Do a Wellness Plan?

Why Do a Wellness Plan?

Many of our clients ask if there are ways that they can make their regular massage therapy regimen
more affordable without laying out a large sum to purchase a package. The answer is YES! We call it our
Wellness Plan. Some health clubs and franchise massage places have created memberships to fulfill the
“kneads” of clients looking to add value in exchange for committing to massage on a consistent basis.

At Therapeutic Kneads, we wanted to create something different that would be easy and simple to
navigate in order to increase utilization of the plan. Our goal is to allow clients the convenience of
monthly billing without laying out a large sum up front for a package. The last thing clients want to do
after a massage is to read a lengthy contract and decipher what they are committing to. We’ve limited
ours to one page and you can read it online before signing.

A Wellness Plan benefits you and your lifestyle in the following ways:

  1. Allows you to budget for your massage each month with monthly auto-pay
  2. Significant value for once- or twice-a- month plans
  3. Can share half of your pre-paid appointments with friends or family
  4. Extra massages beyond your allotted massages within the billing month are $89.50
  5. Additional time of 15 or 30 minutes are $1.00 per minute ($10 added value)
  6. Discounted or FREE Enhancements to your massage are included each month
  7. Therapeutic Rewards members get 5000 points ($5) for signing up, 15,000 points ($15) for all referrals, 3 points for every retail dollar, 2 points for every gift certificate dollar spent and an
    additional double points for any additional services purchased, as well as 5000 points for rebooking the same day of your appointment
  8. 10% off all retail (Excludes Young Living and Shaklee Products)
  9. 12 month commitment with option to renew
  10. If you don’t use massage(s) from previous month, they roll over for 6 months as long as your
    plan is in effect and current
  11. Freeze for up to 3 months if you travel or are ill
  12. Get $15 off on your birthday and bring a buddy and they get $15 off too!
  13. And more!

Most importantly, you will be committing to your health and putting your needs first. Get rid of your pain and stress with more frequent and regular massage therapy.  Massage is much like exercise and nutrition….the more you stay on a regular regimen, the more benefits you experience and the better you will feel. And remember, we are here to take the stress out of taking care of you.



Sandy Saldano, Lic. Massage Therapist

Owner of Therapeutic Kneads, Ltd.

847-266- 0131