Insurance Reimbursement for Massage Therapy Services

Reimbursement for Massage Therapy Services

Use the Insurance Verification link to see if your insurance carrier will cover Massage Therapy rendered by a Licensed Massage Therapist.

Our office will receive a notification from Holistic Billing Services as to whether coverage is offered by your insurance carrier for our services and verify benefits. We will then reach out to notify you of the verification results and to schedule your appointments. 

Alternatively you may contact your insurance carrier directly to determine if massage therapy is a covered or reimbursable expense under an FSA or HSA plan. Your medical provider will indicate where, when, and how massage therapy services may be covered. We provide therapeutic massage therapy by Board Certified Licensed Massage Therapists – there is not a physician or physical therapist on staff at our facility.

Reimbursement can be facilitated when accompanied by a prescription from your physician indicating a diagnostic code – we provide procedural codes only for manual therapy under code 97124 or 97140. Present your prescription at the time of service or have your physician email it to

We can provide you with a statement including the cost, duration of service, procedural codes, license and NPI # of the therapist. Complete the form with your personal information and submit to your carrier. or we can submit a Superbill electronically to our billing service as a courtesy. We offer this as a convenience to our clients and therefore, cannot guarantee reimbursement.  

We are considered “Out of Network” and are not a provider for any insurance companies except for United Healthcare for Veterans through the VA only. Veterans who use UHC through the VA must get written approval from their physician with diagnosis and # treatments so that we may submit billing directly for reimbursement to Therapeutic Kneads, Ltd. Veterans with the proper documents presented before time of service will not have to pay us directly.

Payment is expected at the time of service, even if your insurance covers massage therapy. Only those qualified by the Veterans Administration with a prescription will be billed to United Healthcare.  If your benefits were verified, you will be reimbursed by your insurance.

Carriers that MAY cover massage therapy include:

Carriers that DO NOT cover massage therapy include:

Massage Treatment Codes

97124 – Massage Therapy Effleurage (circular movement), Petrissage (lifting, squeezing) and tapotement (stroking, compression, percussion)

Therapeutic massage to increase circulation and promote tissue relaxation to the muscles, and the treatment is based on or consists of a basic relaxation massage

97140 – Manual Therapy Techniques – Soft Tissue and joint mobilization, manipulation, manual traction, trigger point therapy, myofascial release and MLD – Manual Lymphatic Drainage. 

If intention of massage is to increase pain-free ROM and facilitate a return to functional activities, you should use code 97140

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