Why Should I Care How My Massage Therapist is Paid?

Why Should I Care How My Massage Therapist is Paid?

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to get your hair done in a pinch, but your stylist was not available?  You wanted to book with a different stylist because it was more convenient, but you didn’t want to upset your regular stylist, right?  Perhaps you thought that they may be on commission and going to someone else would be taking money from the person you have built a relationship with? Or, maybe your thought was that no one else could do what your stylist does for you?  Ah, that’s the ticket!

Getting a massage when you want it and need it is no different than getting a haircut.  Both are personalized services done by service providers.  Here’s what is different at Therapeutic Kneads:

  1. Our therapists are paid hourly, whether they have a client on the table or not. This provides stability during slow times and it creates a team environment
  2. Any therapist can see you without you feeling guilty that they won’t make a commission if you are not on their table….they are being paid regardless.
  3. They don’t get more pay for massage time vs. down time. With steady pay, therapists can use down time to perfect their skills or even take time to get a massage for themselves so that they can take better care of you.
  4. Full-time therapists receive benefits such as health insurance, dental, vision, short-term disability and life insurance, continuing education dollars, sick and personal time and paid vacations and holidays. The AMTA recently did a survey of massage therapists and found that only 35% who actively practice and work for an employer actually receive benefits.  We are proud to be in the minority of businesses who take care of their employees.
  5. In a team environment, our staff can make recommendations to clients to see other therapists who may have a different approach or who has the availability that you need to fit your schedule. You are not tied to one massage therapist – you come when it’s convenient for your schedule and you are building a relationship with the company, who will be here when staff moves on to other ventures or careers.  There is no need to look elsewhere for another therapist.
  6. All of our staff goes through a rigorous on-boarding and training, despite their years of experience. Our training and education director ensures quality and that skills are equitable amongst all staff.  Sandy, the owner hand-picks each team member and helps in their development as they grow within the company.


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