Unparalleled Expertise

Therapeutic Kneads ltd. is unique in our ability to enlighten our clients’ on how a regiment of massage therapy can lead to
a well-balanced and healthier lifestyle.

Our team of licensed massage therapists are the most knowledgeable, highly-trained professionals who excel in treating our clients’ physical needs with massage therapy. Our expertise provides meaningful insight on every aspect of the structural and muscular health of our clients. We know how to improve our clients’ quality of life.

Client Focus

We listen, assess, document, and implement therapeutic massage programs customized to the specific needs of our clients.

We apply proven therapeutic massage techniques and mechanics to:

  • Improve circulation.
  • Speed recovery from injury and workout fatigue.
  • Reduce joint pain, arthritic pain, and inflammation.
  • Relieve stress, tension, and soothe mental health.
  • Boost immune system.
  • Reduce insomnia and improve sleep quality.
  • Eliminate Toxins.

We build long-standing, trusting relationships with clients of all ages with drug-free pain relief.

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Therapeutic Kneads is proud of the feedback and comment
of our valued clients.

After the holidays, my wrist was tight and some tightness in a couple of areas of my body. Karen focused on my problem areas and gave a great overall massage to get me straightened out and on the road to recovery. She explained the healing process and gave me things on what I could do at home to help. Much appreciated.


Lizzie is a very experienced therapist who listens to what your body needs. Every massage is unique and exactly what is needed. She’s personable and knowledgeable. Her background in dance gives her a better understanding of the body.





Meeting with Bobbe and completing my health history of concerns and current issues with Juan prior to the appointment was a very positive and professional experience. Juan listened and clarified my concerns, asked pertinent questions and made me feel very comfortable. He went over what I should expect, recommended after treatment, and monthly maintenance visits. Very professional and capable.





Better Relationships

Therapeutic Kneads builds rewarding, long-term relationships. Our founder,
professional massage therapists, and support staff are passionate about massage
therapy and improving our client’s quality of life.

News and Events

Therapeutic Kneads ltd. is unique in our ability to enlighten our Clients’ on how a regiment of massage therapy can lead to a well-balanced and healthier lifestyle.
Massage Therapy for Emotional Health

Massage Therapy for Emotional Health

If you struggle with emotional and mental health issues like anxiety and depression, understanding how the brain works, the hormones that are involved, and how massage therapy can relieve some of your symptoms can be the start of a journey to feeling better. 

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Customized Massages Are Magical

Customized Massages Are Magical

A massage is just a massage – until you find one specifically tailored to your unique needs that sets it apart from even the best spas in the world, that is.

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