In 2012, Fortune ranked the top 100 Companies to Work For according to employee surveys. For the 4th year in row, Google ranked #1. Why? Because of the 100,000 hours of free massages it gave to their employees, not to mention the addition of 3 wellness centers and a sports complex.

What makes this so fascinating is that a large company like Google focuses on their employees’ well-being, therefore seeing the return in healthy profits in the thousands of millions.

If you are like many small businesses or companies, you want to be able to compete with the bigger companies in attracting talent.

One of the ways you can do that is by offering work perks that show how much you care about your employees – like offering Corporate Onsite Chair Massage at work for stress management.

Here are some of the other benefits:

  • Employees hold companies in high regard for offering massage at work
  • Job satisfaction rates are higher when there is less stress in the work environment
  • Job candidates will be impressed with benefit offerings that are extraordinary
  • Minimize occupational overuse of computer work or lifting and bending, thus reducing your worker’s compensation risk
  • Improves circulation to the brain, thus improving mental clarity and productivity
  • Boosts immune function to reduce the spread of illness throughout the office and reduces the number of sick days taken
  • Temporarily decreases blood pressure and improves headaches
  • Initiates a healthy attitude towards wellness, whereby employees will want to take better care of their well-being, extending your investment and reducing overall healthcare costs

In the length of time of a coffee-break, employees can refresh in a healthy way with a 10-20-minute chair massage, caffeine-free!

  • Massage chairs are easy to maneuver and can be placed in an empty conference room or vestibule that are out of the way of the business flow
  • Done through clothing, with no oil allows employees get back to work in a flash
  • Focus of massage is on back, neck, arms and hands so relief is instantaneous
  • We provide sign-up sheets to streamline the process for you
  • Multiple therapists can be scheduled in a short time frame or over the course of the day to give you scheduling flexibility that works best in your work environment

Payment options include (budget-permitting):

  • Company pays 100% – (Best) increases utilization rate and morale
  • Co-Sponsored – (Better) Company and employees split 50/50
  • Employee Pay – Employees pay 100%, Company provides the space
  • Programs can be customized for most budgets and staff sizes
Stress Management

Other ways companies can utilize massage therapy at work:

  • Health Fairs – a great way to offer massage therapy to test your employee’s response
  • Special events – Employee appreciation days, special work anniversary, holiday parties, sales meetings or trainings or company golf outings
  • Promotional or marketing events – attract customers to your trade show booth or for customer appreciation and Grand Opening events
  • Offer at a company charity auction for attendees or at networking events

Put a personal touch on non-corporate, social events like birthday parties, graduations, girls’ night out or when family comes in for a reunion. Golf outings, 5k Run, sporting events and tournaments are our favorite places to hang out with like-minded, active people who appreciate the benefits of massage.

Our therapists have the backing of a company who has been in the massage therapy business for over 25 years.

We understand the concerns of business when it comes to reputation, professionalism, experience and delivery of promise. We back our services with liability and offsite insurance coverage that your legal department would be happy about.

Our years of training will put you and your employees at ease, knowing that your kneads will be cared for with kid-gloves. We know that massage therapy is an extra benefit that could be cut out at any time, and we want to prove our worth to you and your bottom line.