Melt the Winter Blues with Warming Massage Treatments

Melt the Winter Blues with Warming Massage Treatments

The colder weather brings with it a myriad of effects on our bodies. 

Not only does it cause our muscles to contract to keep our bodies warm, it also dries out our skin. In addition, the cold, dry air creates a more stable environment for the cold, flu and covid viruses and allows for easier transmission, thus putting the immune system at risk. Circulation is also affected because the heart works harder to move your body and keep it warm. The blood begins to slightly thicken, creating a higher risk for cardiovascular incidents.

So how is it that we can survive in a cold climate? We can only do so by staying warm when we are indoors. 

Have you ever tried a warming massage treatment to counter the effects of winter? 

It’s a wonderful way to combat the blustery wind’s effects of being cold, contracted, dried out and windburned. The defrosting begins with a toasty warming pad when you first lie on the massage table. 

You can select from a couple of options with the warming treatments that will be sure to melt even the tightest muscles that sometimes feel like frozen meat.

Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Himalayan salt has long been renowned for its health benefits. Salt stones are specifically carved and smoothed to fit the shape of a massage therapist’s hands. 

The 84 minerals found in the stones release negative ions to combat the free radicals given off by electronics and help with respiratory issues. The smooth stones can exfoliate rough, dry skin, giving it a healthy glow. 

The stones are kept in a salt lamp bowl that has a bulb that emits heat and are covered with a cloth to contain the heat, getting the stones to about 130°F. They are sprayed with an environmentally safe sanitizing spray, but not submerged in water because the stones would melt away.

Hot Stone Massage (Basalt Stones)

Hot stone massage uses volcanic rocks (basalt stones) because they retain the heat well. They are different shapes that mold to the massage therapist’s hands as an extension of their massage technique.

The stones can be used to work out a few knots in the muscles, but you won’t see the stones lined up on the spine like many photos depict. That is because the stones heat up to about 110-145 degrees F in water and would burn the skin if left unattended.

The stones are designed to move with the massage stroke and to allow deeper penetration of pressure with the softening of the tissue that occurs from the warmth of the stones.

Hot Bamboo Fusion Massage

Bamboo Fusion is a technique that uses different sized bamboo sticks that are smooth and used with oil like rollers. 

It allows the therapist to work deeper with applying pressure with the firmness of the sticks that are warmed with a heating pad. Different sized sticks are used for different parts of the body. The results feel like you’ve been pressed out by a steam roller.

All three tools render the same benefits of relaxation, working out tight spots, increased circulation, improved immunity and a sense of well-being. 

Try any one of these treatments in between a regular massage or when your body is feeling extra tense and needs defrosting. The tools can inhibit a full hands-on massage somewhat, so if you feel like you need specific and targeted work, a therapeutic massage will do the trick.

If you are chilled to the bone and need warmth and relief from tension, these treatments will melt away your winter blues.