Top 5 Reasons to Receive Regular Massage Therapy

Top 5 Reasons to Receive Regular Massage Therapy

Top Reasons for Regular Massages

1. Regular Massage Relieves the Effects of Stress
• decreases the negative health responses related to chronic stress
• decreases Cortisol and Insulin levels
• stress-reducing hormones calm the nervous system to decrease heart rate and breathing, relax muscles and improve digestion
• increases endorphins that stop the transmission of pain signals, thereby reducing sensitivity to pain
• stimulates Delta Brainwave activity which induces deep sleep

2. Regular Massage Improves Circulation
• improves overall nutrition of tissue and elasticity of blood vessels
• improves blood flow and increases oxygen to tissues
• lowers blood pressure by reducing stress that causes arterial blood vessel receptors to become less responsive due to overstimulation (high blood pressure)

3. Regular Massage Increases Immunity
• distributes and stimulates the production of immune cells (white blood cells) throughout the body to help filter toxins and metabolic waste products in order to protect from foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria
• improves lymphatic circulation to provide cleaner blood whereby defenses against infection are enhanced
• disperses lactic acid and other waste products out of muscles and mobilizes the lymphatic system to prevent accumulation that can cause pain and fatigue

4. Regular Massage Prevents Muscle Strain
• reduces muscle tension through increased production of relaxing hormones
• increases circulation and oxygen to tissues to aid in healing and promote tissue integrity
• stimulates joint fluid production and improves elasticity and flexibility of tissues connecting to the joint
• less pain means less pharmaceuticals for pain relief (fewer side-effects)

5. Regular Massage Improves Posture
• freeing up restrictions in tissue allows the body to structurally align more naturally
• decreases muscle fatigue and tension resulting in less joint compression or friction, leading to less degeneration or arthritic changes
• reduces the effects of postural patterns from overuse like sitting at a desk or heavy lifting, thereby extending your active lifestyle

Massage is a powerful ally in your healthcare regimen, despite the reasons that inspired you to seek it out.  Experts at the Touch Research Institute estimate that approximately 90% of all disease is stress-related.  They state that the benefits of therapeutic massage are cumulative and much more effective when received regularly. The more often and the more consistent you receive a massage, the better your body will feel over time.  Budgeting time and money for massage is an investment in your health.  The gift of prevention is a healthy future!  More than a massage, it’s a lifestyle!

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