Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk

The romance between you and your pillow is over. Cervical pillows can be a natural, drug-free way to relieve pain. They accomplish this by supporting your neck in a neutral position and supporting your posture to alleviate headaches and neck strains due to stress, trauma, and arthritic conditions. The proper pillow can eliminate tingling and numbness in hands, and can even prevent snoring.

All Shapes and Sizes
Choosing a pillow can be a daunting proposition. The shape, size, and materials it is made of can make or break the relationship between you and your pillow.

Take your sleeping position into consideration. If you have pillow fights in your sleep and you wake up with it on the floor, a pillow may not be the solution. However, if you went to bed without pain and wake up with pain or if you have pain before sleeping and wake up with more pain, this is a sign to try a new pillow.

Here are some things to watch for when searching for the right pillow:

1. Look for a contoured pillow that has a sewn indentation to accommodate your head.
2. Make sure that neither your chin nor forehead are jutting forward
3. Do you feel stress or tension when lying on the pillow?
4. Put two finger widths between the pillow and your neck. If your fingers slide through easily, the pillow is not supportive enough.
5. Is the neck/shoulder area filled in while side lying without putting pressure on your jaw?

Change Pillows like Shoes
You have several pairs of shoes, why not pillows? Invest in a few great pillows that you can switch out. Polyester filling pillows last longer and are allergen-free. Specifically, Core Products pillows are great because they have gentle, firm, standard, small and large pillows.  Bucky is another quality brand that is filled with millet or buckwheat hulls for a custom shape. Usually chiropractors and massage therapists carry these brands and can help with fittings to ensure that you and your pillow remain on sleeping terms.


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