Massage Class for Couples, Partners, Parents, and Caretakers

Massage Class for Couples, Partners, Parents, and Caretakers

If time and money were plentiful, many people would get a massage every day. That could be possible if your loved one knew how to use the proper massage techniques without getting tired or hurting themselves, worse yet, hurting you. 

What if you could attend a brief class with your significant other that is privately tutored by a licensed massage therapist?

Imagine working side-by-side with a professional, learning the basic massage strokes, how to use proper body mechanics and positioning, and how to help a loved one when they are stressed or in pain. A 3-hour, guided class can provide you with the tools to be able to go home and utilize what you’ve learned to do a simple massage that will provide immediate relief for the recipient.  

The beauty is that when you learn together, both participants can give and receive an effective treatment that will enhance your non-verbal communication, as well as increase compassion for each other and appreciation for the power of a healing touch. Some people do not have a positive experience with touch from their early childhood or a previous relationship. 

Touch is a very powerful medium to strengthen a relationship by just being present for one another and giving of yourself for an uninterrupted time. Even if you massage your partner for 20 minutes, studies have shown that the relaxation response has begun and can have lasting effects.

Setting aside time for each other may seem luxurious and be in short supply. Consider it as an investment and a positive deposit into your relationship. If your significant other feels better and they feel good because you showed how much you care, massage can not only heal the body, but it can heal relationships. You can enhance your massage with essential oils, candles, and soft music. A scented candle that burns into an oil is a luxurious way to provide warmth and comfort. Anything that will create a peaceful environment will only make the experience more special.

If you are not in a relationship, no worries. A massage class can be beneficial for friends, caregivers and even parents and their children. If you love massage and you want to share that love, consider taking a private massage class that will be the gift that continues to give long after the massage has ended.