Massage Class for Couples, Parents and Caregivers

Massage Class for Couples, Parents, and Caregivers

If time and money were plentiful, many people would get a massage every day. That could be possible if your loved one knew how to use the proper massage techniques without getting tired or hurting themselves, worse yet, hurting you. 

What if you could attend a brief class with your significant other that is privately tutored by a licensed massage therapist?

Learn the art of massage in a tranquil, relaxing environment with a Licensed Massage Therapist.

In this 3-hour class, each person will give and receive a full body massage where you will learn basic massage strokes, body mechanics and proper positioning to render a safe and relaxing experience for each other.

Personal instruction and all materials are provided so that you will be able to immediately utilize these techniques in your own home. You will also receive a free bottle of massage oil to take home.

For parents and caregivers, you can bring a partner or significant other in order to acquire the skills that will help you ease discomfort and relieve stress of those whom you care for. We can also come to any school or facility to teach in a group setting. (Please call our office for details and pricing on group classes).

The objective of this massage class is to

  • ❤️ Have fun and enjoy oneself while learning how to give your partner a massage in a safe manner. The goal is not to be a professional nor strive for perfection.
  • ❤️ Provide nurturing, relaxation and relief for your partner while knowing that you will not hurt them.
  • ❤️ Create a bonding experience together.
  • ❤️ Be able to listen and stay open to receiving feedback from your partner about what feels good or not.

Couple’s Massage class fee: $350 (50% Deposit required at booking)

Please call 847-266-0131 to schedule your private class. 

Advanced booking recommended.