Love Yourself: Self-Care Gifts to Give Yourself!

Love Yourself: Self-Care Gifts to Give Yourself!

Do you ever feel like you have so many responsibilities that you don’t have time to do the things that make you feel good? Does daily stress wear you down? You’re not alone. Many people struggle to feel relaxed, energized and well-balanced while managing demanding schedules and constant stressors. If you are constantly busy and overwhelmed, you might find it difficult to prioritize self-care in your schedule. Treating yourself to a self-care gift is not indulgent, but instead, a vital way to take care of your body and mind so that you can be healthy, confident and fully present in your life.


With the numerous demands for your time and attention, it’s imperative that you put on your own oxygen mask first before trying to help others. It’s easy to stay on the treadmill of life, continuing to give of yourself to others, meet pressing deadlines, get the kids to their appointments, etc. All the while, your pain is increasing, your sleep is decreasing, and your body feels like it was run through a rock tumbler. Self-awareness allows us to take inventory of our emotions, reactions and physical wellness. When we ignore the signs that stress is taking its toll and don’t take the time to do self-care, it can lead you down a path of dis-ease or illness.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is any deliberate restorative action that you take to care for yourself physically or emotionally. Most self-care practices feel really good and may seem like a “treat” but are actually no less essential than brushing your teeth or taking a shower. Self-care rituals are a great way to deal with life’s daily stressors or reduce chronic anxiety or pain.

Self-care comes in many different forms and is unique to each individual. Check out these self-care gift ideas from Therapeutic Kneads:

  1. Make self-care a monthly event!

Treat yourself to one of TK’s wellness plan and set aside time each month for your self-care. Our wellness plans include different massage types along with custom enhancements like aromatherapy, scented hot oil treatments and massages of the face and scalp. These monthly services are a regular investment in your physical health that will have cumulative benefits over time.

 2. Take a Therapeutic Bath!

We recommend trying Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath formula. Mustard is renowned for its stimulating, cleansing and rejuvenating qualities. This bath is a great alternative to a bath bomb, which may smell nice but doesn’t have therapeutic benefits. Dr. Singha’s Mustard Bath will help your skin release impurities and is perfect for either a foot soak or full bath.

 3. Give yourself the gift of better sleep with a brand-new pillow.

A positive, productive day comes after a night of restful sleep so having a great pillow is very important. The Tri-Core pillow helps to prevent neck, head, shoulder and back pains. Investing in a better night’s sleep will improve your physical health and lead to more restful, productive mornings.

 4. Heated Rollers

Treat sore muscles with heated rollers to ease tension and massage out any painful knots.  During the colder months, heated rollers are a soothing way to warm up and relax.

 5. Diffuser and essential oils

Not only do essential oils give your home a pleasant aroma but there are also many health benefits. You can diffuse frankincense or lavender for a calming effect after a long day at work. Lemon can be used to promote positive thinking and release negative energy. If you have trouble concentrating, rosewood can help you to be more productive. 

Prioritize your Self-Care

Prioritizing self-care will not only make you more physically healthy but will also improve your mental and emotional health.  Treating yourself to simple things, such as the items listed above, will help to relieve stress and will ultimately lead to a happier, more productive life.