6 Ways to Get the Best Massage You’ve Ever Had

6 Ways to Get the Best Massage You’ve Ever Had

How To Get What You KNEAD!

The secret to a phenomenal massage lies in effortless communication between the therapist and the client. Massage is more than a hands-on activity; it’s an experience. The quality of that experience is influenced by several subtle factors like the temperature of the room, the ambiance, the presence of music and more. 

These factors can be customized throughout the session based on your preference. Many clients are hesitant to tell their therapists what they need. There are several reasons for this–They think that the therapist knows the best; they are afraid of bothering the therapist or hurting their feelings. 

The truth is that massage therapists appreciate your feedback because telling them what you want will assist them in giving you a more detailed and more rewarding massage.

Be clear about your goals

When you arrive for your session, don’t be afraid to tell your therapist what your goals are. Some people seek massages to alleviate pain, while others want to relax and rejuvenate. Therapists are very good at locating muscle knots and relaxing them, but may not be able to intuit your wants, needs, and feelings. By clearly stating your goals upfront, the therapist doesn’t have to rely on guesswork and can deliver the results you are expecting.

Would you like scents? How about music?

Some clients are more sensitive to fragrances than others. Let your therapist know if you are allergic to any ingredient or are sensitive to scents and they will gladly use scent-free oils and lotions. The same goes for music. If there is a preference for a certain genre or even silence, they will respect your selection. 

Alternatively, if you have a special request for Massage Enhancements, ask if there would be a benefit to you to add any special treatments to your session.  A certain essential oil, a special massage oil or lotion or a signature service could make your experience even more therapeutic.

Be open about sensitive spots

Feel free to tell your therapist what areas to avoid. If you’ve suffered from an injury, or have a particularly painful area, be sure to explain where these are so your therapist can approach them appropriately. Do not be afraid to speak up if you do not want certain areas of sensitivity worked on.  Your therapist will work around that area to help you be more comfortable.

Decide on the type of pressure

During the intake process, your therapist will ask about what type of pressure you expect them to use. However, if at any time during the session you’d like them to adjust the amount of pressure you should feel free to let them know.  For example, if you requested a lot of pressure but during the massage, it feels like it’s too much, you should feel free to ask them to reduce the pressure. We have developed a number system to describe different amounts of pressure. The chart below will help guide you in describing the type of changes you need.  The therapist will ask you to rate the pressure on a scale of 1-10 and what number would work best for you.  They will adjust accordingly.

Above all, remember that your therapist will be grateful for your feedback. It may feel awkward at first, but after a few sessions with your therapist, you’ll not only feel more comfortable communicating with them, but they will learn what types of pressure work best for you at different times.

It’s okay to stay quiet

If you are a talkative person, you should know It’s OK to talk during your session. Your therapist will gladly welcome a conversation. But, if you prefer to relax your mind during the session don’t feel the need to make small talk to fill the silence. The therapist is trained to take your cues so feel free to set the tone by mentioning that you like to talk because it helps you relax or, that massages are best for you when you can relax and zone out.  

Experience the Taste of Touch

Finding the right massage therapist is important. To help you find the Therapeutic Kneads therapist who is just right for you, we offer the TASTE OF TOUCH package. It includes 3 sessions and allows you to sample 3 different therapists and/or types of massage services to find the best fit for you.

A massage experience a very personal form of self-care. At Therapeutic Kneads we care about ensuring that your experience improves your quality of life, physically and mentally. Our therapists are highly trained professionals who excel in treating our clients’ physical needs with massage therapy and building long-term, trusting relationships. Getting to know your needs and making you feel comfortable is our top priority. 

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