What you can expect from your Massage Therapy Session

Before Your Massage…

    • Increase water intake 24 hours prior to the massage session to help keep your tissues hydrated.
    • Before arriving for your massage, take a hot shower to help muscles loosen and relax.
    • Place your cell phone on silent.
    • To create a custom massage treatment that keeps you safe, your massage therapist will use the health form to discuss your expectations and health goals for the massage, as well as ask questions regarding your overall health. If you have an extensive health history (medications, injuries, surgeries, medical conditions), bring a copy of that information to your session.
    • You will be asked to undress to your comfort level after the therapist leaves the room. A sheet is provided for draping during the massage and the therapist will uncover only the part of your body being addressed.


What to Expect from Your Massage Therapy Session

During Your Massage…

  • Pay attention to your breath, relax your muscles and your mind to help facilitate relaxation. Follow the hands of the massage therapist to focus on how the touch feels.
  • Your therapist will check on pressure and your comfort throughout your appointment. Do not hesitate at any time during the session to notify your therapist about modifying the style of the massage or changing anything that would enhance the comfort and enjoyment of your session.
  • The therapist may use oil, lotion or creams to reduce friction on your skin. If you are allergic or sensitive, please let your therapist know so a substitute product can be used.
  • You control the massage session. Some conversation may be necessary in order to give feedback to the therapist regarding how your body is feeling.
Massage Therapy Session

After Your Massage…

  • Get off the table slowly. Once dressed, your therapist will do an exit consultation with you to discuss their findings, home care suggestions and further treatment recommendations.
  • Each person’s response to a massage will be unique due to the type of work received and the length of the treatment.
  • Increase water consumption. Drinking water helps to flush toxins released from your body’s soft tissues to maximize mobility in your muscles and joints thereby minimizing day-after soreness.
  • Rest after the treatment to allow your body to heal and restore energy. Perform gentle stretches or exercises to keep muscles lengthened by restoring balance and training your body to recognize what normal feels like again.
  • Book your next appointment before leaving Therapeutic Kneads! Massage is cumulative and most effective when received regularly. We encourage you to try several of our team members!
After Your Massage

Thank you for the opportunity to work together. May health and relaxation be yours!