10 Things you can Do to Spring Clean Your Life

10 Things you can Do to Spring Clean Your Life

Updated 2020.

As the fragrant air and blossoming trees remind us that spring is here, it’s also the perfect time to spring clean your life. Your well-being requires a holistic approach that addresses your physical, mental and emotional needs. These 10 tips will put you on the pathway to a healthier life.

Protect your skin

While getting a moderate amount of vitamin D from the sun is healthy, too much sun leads to premature aging and skin cancer. Use a sunscreen with at least an SPF 30 for your face. According to skincancer.org, you should reapply sunscreen every two hours.

Eliminate processed foods

If it’s in a box or can, chances are it won’t be a good choice for your body. Most processed foods are “shelf” foods because they’ve been chemically processed. The added sugar, sodium, artificial ingredients, and more are harmful to our bodies. If eliminating all processed foods seems too hard for you, then start with just a few. In a study completed in 2018, the consumption of processed foods is unmistakably associated with a higher risk of cancer.

Take a Magnesium Bath

Take a magnesium bath once a week to replenish the body. Soaking in magnesium salts like Ancient Mineral Magnesium Bath will improve skin hydration, expedite wound healing, enhance skin barrier function, and decrease inflammation. Magnesium Salts (Magnesium Chloride) contain 4x more magnesium that Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate.)

Refresh with pure water

Drinking water is essential to your well-being, but the type of water you drink is just as important. Studies have discovered that many types of bottled water contain BPA, a chemical added to plastic products. Check here for a list of safe bottled water. Adding a reverse ionized water purification system to your home’s water is an excellent alternative.

Use eco-friendly, natural cleaning products

Keeping your home clean doesn’t have to include the use of harsh chemicals that will leave residues on your surfaces and in the air. Natural, environmentally safe products are widely available. In fact, you can even make your own recipes.

Additionally, natural cleaning products are better for your circulatory system, skin, allergies, eliminating your home’s indoor pollution – and they benefit the Earth!

De-stress at work

Stress seems to be a part of life for many people and work is a prime culprit. Try taking a short exercise break at work to release the “feel good” endorphins in your brain. Periodic breaks will help relieve the stress from the day.

Get a therapeutic massage regularly

Take advantage of a thoroughly relaxing, therapeutic massage like hot stone massage. During a hot stone massage heated, smooth stones are strategically used on your tight muscles for a de-stressing experience. Massages are a fantastic way to revitalize your energy, eliminate pain, and relieve tension.

Create positive thinking patterns

Your mind has much to do with how you feel. Use your will power to direct positive thoughts and see how much better you feel. There are several steps you can take to form these habits, and in time, positive thinking will be part of your lifestyle.

Detox from negative relationships

Harmful relationships drain your energy and pull you down. You don’t need a negative relationship. Distance yourself from those who would take away from your happiness. Make time for friends who support your goals and consider fostering new friendships based on trust and shared interests.

Edit your social media usage

Social media use, if not curtailed, can quickly lead to overuse and even negativity. Some people have trouble avoiding drama or other discussions that tend to be controversial.

Boost your mental abilities daily

Brain exercises are a good way to keep your mind sharp as you age. You can give your brain a workout daily by doing simple word games, puzzles, playing an instrument, learning something new, or reading challenging material.

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