Reaching Out and Giving a Hand-Up

Donation Request Acceptance Criteria Therapeutic Kneads, Ltd (TKL) actively supports local communities. We are committed to giving back to those who have helped us become successful over the last decade and a half. We are blessed to be able to contribute to the health of our clients and the community at large through massage therapy. Our company mission states the following: We live the commitment of educating our clients on the benefits of regular massage and to be a partner in optimizing their overall well-being by exploring alternative methods of therapies to bring about a balance state. Over the years TKL has gained the reputation for being generous with donations to a wide variety of causes. We are passionate about supporting charities that help others. In an effort to justly determine causes that are in keeping with our mission, we have devised the following criteria for acceptance:

  • Health and wellness support for research, education and services to the public to improve the overall well-being of our communities
  • Current and regular clients of TKL
  • Fellow members of current business organizations that TKL is associated with
  • Events that target consumers local to TKL
  • Resources for physical/emotional transformation and/or the relief of pain and stress
  • Annual Preferred Charity List selected by TKL’s owner
  • In-Kind donation of services considered in lieu of monetary donation

In order for a cause to be selected by our management team, it must meet four out of the seven criteria and be submitted at least 2 months in advance to Once selected, the representative will be notified by email or by phone. If TKL has donated to a charity in the past and respectfully declines future contributions, we trust that you will understand our desire to offer our support equally among many wonderful local charities. We appreciate your patience and service to our community.

Donation Requests