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Therapeutic Kneads, Ltd.
Grand Re-Opening!

Our team at Therapeutic Kneads is excited to be getting back to taking care of our clients! As of today, May 20, 2020, it has been close to 3 months of stay-at-home for everyone. The stress and anxiety is palpable, yet the community has risen to the occasion. The American Spirit is strong and our healthcare, first responders and essential workers have carried us through difficult times. Now it is our turn to take care of all of those who have struggled and to start the healing process!

We understand that some of our clients may not be ready to venture out just yet. Others may have pre-existing conditions that preclude them from doing so. Many things have changed, but there is one thing that remains constant –it’s our dedication to providing quality care in a clean, professional environment that puts the safety of all of our clients and staff first.

Grand Re-Opening

FAQ’s for Therapeutic Kneads’ Re-Opening


We are shooting for Monday, June 1, 2020 if all goes well with the flattening of the curve. We are awaiting final direction from the State of Illinois to enter into Phase 3 in the Restore Illinois re-opening plan, of which massage therapy is allowed to begin to practice again. If the Stay-At-Home Order is extended, we will continue to update you as information becomes available. Our scheduled hours have changed slightly in order to meet the social distancing and capacity requirements by the State of Illinois. Please visit our website for the most up-to-date hours of operation.

We will begin new screening procedures of all staff and clients that will include asking a series of COVID-related questions and touchless temperature, pulse rate and oxygen levels. All clients will be asked the screening questions at the time of booking, confirmation and upon arrival. If an employee shows signs or symptoms of illness, they will be sent home immediately. Any client presenting symptoms will be asked to kindly reschedule and to come back no earlier than 2 weeks to ensure health and wellness for all.

We are using Shaklee Basic Germicide (Basic G) that is registered with the EPA and is effective in killing the Corona Virus after 1 minute of application. We also are using 70% alcohol and Kangen 11.0 Water that is high-alkaline and kills germs on contact. All of these solutions are safe for the environment, as well as our clients and do not produce any allergic reaction or irritation. Initially, our staff will have 30 minutes between clients to thoroughly sanitize and disinfect all surfaces, linens and anything touched. As usual, we will continue to use a medical laundry service for all of our sheets. We will be cleaning every common area, such as reception area, door knobs, counters and bathrooms – every hour on the hour.

For the present time, we have suspended online booking in order to ask the screening questions and communicate our safety procedures. You will receive a link to our online scheduling forms that will facilitate your check in process and allow for contact-free service. You will be asked to leave a credit card on file in order to facilitate contactless payment at the end of your service. We are not accepting cash at this time.

Upon arrival, call our office to notify Guest Services that you are waiting in the parking lot. They will alert you as to when it is safe to enter. Leave any bags/purses in your vehicle and come alone. We ask that no guests come inside with you unless they have an adjoining appointment. Feel free to bring your own water bottle. Beverage service has been suspended temporarily. Please enter with your mask on and respect our Social Distancing markers. After you have received your screening questions and temperature, pulse and oxygen readings, you will be checked in and escorted to an area to wash & sanitize your hands.

Your massage therapist will be wearing a mask during the treatment. We also ask that you keep yours on as well for the safety of our staff. They will also be wearing an apron that is changed after every client to protect their clothing from contamination. We will not be doing massage with gloves on, unless requested. After your therapist does an intake and verifies what your treatment will be, they will leave the room to wash and sanitize their hands before the massage. Please be sure to check in with your therapist on music choice, warmth, lighting before they begin touching you. When you are face-down, a hammock-like towel will cover the opening so that your mask may be removed only for that portion of the treatment. No face or massage inside the mouth will be performed at this time. Less talking is preferred in order to limit aerosols into the room and promotes a deeper relaxed state.

After your therapist exits the room, you may get dressed. We have temporarily suspended the hot towel service, so we ask that you wash your hands again upon leaving. Please be sure to hydrate after your massage. If you would like to purchase your favorite products, our staff would be happy to assist you in pulling them and bagging them for you at check-out. Gratuities can be added ahead of time on your credit card. We are asking that you refrain from using cash at this time. It is best to book your next appointment now, as we have limited availability and capacity that is allowable by the State of Illinois. We suggest booking a standing appointment to allow for the convenience of your schedule. Remember that you receive 5000 Therapeutic Rewards Points or $5.00 for your next visit when you reschedule at checkout.

As always, the massages that you have paid for each month roll over to the next month and for up to 6 months so long as you are still a current member and have no outstanding payments. We are extending the expiration date (normally 30 days after the end of your last payment per your agreement) for the exact amount of months that we have been closed – currently an extension of 3 more months to use your accumulated treatments. Rest assured, if you have special circumstances, we invite you to call and discuss with us. We know you are going to need those massages more than ever and want to encourage you to get back on track with your wellness.

One final note from our owner, Sandy Saldano


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the clients who have called, emailed and texted us their well-wishes and support! Our Wellness Plan members have especially helped us get through these last few months with their monthly payments. It would have been even more difficult had it not been for that. We also want all of you to know that we did receive a PPP Loan from the SBA! That will help us get through the next few months that may prove to be just as challenging.

Lastly, the amount of Personal Protective Equipment, sanitation and other supplies that we have had to purchase and continue to purchase in the future, while adding time between clients enabling fewer clients have added to our costs immensely. Our hope is that with the support of our community and ensuring that only healthy clients and staff are coming into Therapeutic Kneads, that we will be able to maintain our business at the current pricing and get it back to a sustainable level.

As we follow all of the CDC and OSHA Guidelines for safety, we hope that our clients will attempt to do the same for the sake of every client and employee, allowing us to continue to offer our vital services in a safe and healthy manner. We would prefer to remain open and be of service to all.

Our Guest Services team will be starting the daunting task of first calling clients to reschedule past appointments that had to be cancelled and our Wellness Plan Members. After we have accommodated those clients, we will begin open scheduling. We would appreciate your patience while we rev up our business engine once again. If we don’t answer, we will do our very best to get back with you in a short time frame.

Welcome to the NEW Normal! We can’t wait to get our hands on you!

Yours in Health, Sandy Saldano, and Owner/President Therapeutic Kneads, Ltd.

Important Information

Please review the pdfs below for important information on our new policies: