Therapeutic Kneads is proud of the feedback and comment
of our valued clients.

Maureen C. Lake Forest, IL

Amazing service, amazing therapists! This is exactly the place to go when you “knead” to unwind and get centered!
Joan F.
I just had surgery and came with a gift card to buy a new pillow and your “Two Goats” lotion. I was very welcomed and taken care of so kindly. Also was given names of your massagers who specialize in sciatica.

Kendra F.

Great service by expert hands.

Jeff C.

Very focused and specific massage to address the back issues we discussed before starting treatment. Always walk out of there feeling much better, in less pain, and more relaxed than when I came.

Carol S.

The staff is professional and very experienced.  The atmosphere is lovely and nicely zen. I have my next appointment next week.

Lynne H.

Best place to go for a massage on the North Shore!

Maureen R.

Simply the best! Therapeutic Kneads are just what the doctor ordered. No kidding, if you’re looking for the best massage THERAPISTS located in an inviting and comfortable environment, this is the place for you. The therapists are all very professional and focus on your specific needs, (or should I say “kneads”?) Give them a try, your body will thank you.

Jim Z.

Serious massage therapy. You can go anywhere for basic Swedish. If you have a specific issue, a tweak in the back from a workout, sciatica, or pulled muscle, this is the place to go. All the therapists are experts, helping you in the specific area you need. I’ve had massages all over the world. This is my local go-to for pain relief, and release of any tightness. Simply far beyond ordinary. They have great products and make suggestions for lifestyle changes too. A bonus!
Larry S. MD
A Neurologist’s perspective. Great Therapeutic massage. Professional and thorough. Excellent value. Professional and competent. Clinical, caring, and friendly.